Kinesiologists use muscle monitoring as a feedback system by which to ascertain and gather information about the mind/body/spirit complex of the person and a definitive plan of care is reliant upon this information to set up and run each session. Also kinesiologists use the acupuncture system or meridians and philosophies of traditional  Chinese medicine (TCM) to assist in the determination of energy system imbalances which may lead to physical illness or symptoms.

Kinesiology uses a combination of ancient eastern sciences and western musculo skeletal muscle monitoring to balance the body on many levels. It is an amazingly effective system as it taps into the body's innate intelligence to restore balance and health to neurological and physiological functions. Through this process profound changes may be experienced, emotionally, mentally, and physically which increases a persons health and wellbeing. A balanced body does not give rise to ill health.

In kinesiology we use muscle monitoring to explore many issues within the client. These could be emotional or a belief system based on a past subconscious memory, biochemical or nutritional, physical or structural.  We quickly access this information and re instate the strength and balance in the body. We are able to achieve this through accessing acupoints, reflex and neurovascular points during a session, we counsel, monitor a variety of muscles through ranges of movement, use crystals, flower essences, reflexology, sound or colour to assist in shifting a particular vibration that represents stagnant energy. At the end of the session, the client may feel nothing, feel profoundly relaxed, feel an internal shift but be unable to articulate this difference. For a few days after there may be unusual sensations, aches and pains, extreme tiredness or lots of energy. All of these are good signs. Additionally it often occurs that the client recognises subtle changes in the circumstances of their life and this may occur weeks or even months after the session.

This work is subtle but very effective over time. It is important that a client rest after a session to allow the body to integrate the energetic shifts within. It is also important to drink ample water.

Kinesiology can assist in the treatment of all conditions, primarily because it shifts attitudes, thinking and feeling.  It is also very good for setting and achieving your goals and aspirations.

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