Flower Essences are a vibrational medicine made from distilling a specific flower in water.

Dr Edward Bach, a succesful English medical specialist was probably the first person in modern times to systematically investigate, document and develop a system of healing based on the administration of flower essences. As a pioneering medical thinker he discovered a link between stress emotions and illness many years before conventional physicians addresed the issue which is now accepted as the basis for many illnesses. Flower Essences are used in treating a variety of emotional disorders and temperaments which then favourably impact the physical condition.

Like all other vibrational medicines Flower Essences do not work through the physical body, they are taken up into the unseen spiritual bodies initially which immediately impact the emotions and temperament. Bach developed 38 remedies the most famous being Rescue Remedy.

Following in the footsteps of Edward Bach, many different systems of Flower Essences have been developed based on the indigenous flowers of a country or region. Australian Bush Flower Essences and the American Desert Flower Essences are two of the most well known.

If you would like to learn more about Flower Essences you can google the Flower Essence Society.

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